Lasers, robots, maths: DJ Decibel game for ABC Splash

DJ Decibel Stadium F(x) is a multi-level game where doing the maths lets you lift the roof at an epic, stadium-sized dance party.

Rig the show with VERY LOUD speakers. Wrangle 3m-high robot dancers. Fire lasers to explode fireworks from a flying DJ pod. Do it all to max-out fan numbers as Problem-Solver-in-Chief in DJ Decibel Stadium F(x).

This game explores volume, spatial reasoning, problem solving, pi and the Cartesian plane. It’s available online and on iOS.


Concept Development and Scriptwriting: Sam Hackett

Director: James Hackett

Producer: Sarah Harris

Developers: Tom Stewart, Alexander Cetinski, Brian Su

ABC Credits: Annabel Astbury, Monique Potts, Susan Shi

Education Expert: Dr Chris Tisdell

Education Services Australia: Martin Richards, Meg Mappin


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